How to Nurture Your Most Important Asset – You

Everything can be taken from you, your house, your job, your money, your family, your friends, everything can be taken from you, except for one thing – yourself and your ability to earn a living.

If you lost your job and all your possessions today you would have the ability to make new money and buy new possessions.

This is your most important your asset, your ability to earn an income. It is one you should nurture and take care of so that you can increase your standard of life continuously.

Spend as much as you spend on your car
A lot of people spend lots of time and money working on and maintaining their car.
A car is an asset that will drop in value no matter what, even if you take care of it.
If you instead spent that much time on yourself you would get a return on investment, the likes of which you have never imagined.

There are lots of ways to improve
Today there is so much information and advice out there that you can easily improve.
You can take courses, go to seminars, read books, read blogs, read on the internet, read trade magazines or find a mentor. All of these are great ways to increase your knowledge and ability.

You can also go to your local gym and work out or take a jog, which will increase your energy and therefore your output.

The world is at your feet.

Be someone others want to do business with
My third sales job had to do with recruitment. I worked for a job board selling ads. We had ten competitors selling the same type of product.

The only difference was that we charged twice as much as our competition. Other than that, the product was essentially the same.

Our company sold twice as many ads
Our recruiting, sales training and coaches were better than our competitor’s. That is why we sold twice as many ads at twice the price. Our company stood out because of its sales people; the way we presented ourselves, our products, the offers and opportunities.

YOU – This is what people really buy.
They buy you.
People don’t make the decision to buy on a rational basis; it is an emotional decision.

My best advice to you if you want to get more job offers and want to become more successful is to take a hard look at yourself and ask;

“Am I a person I would like to do business with?”

If not, others are probably thinking the same thing.
Let us now explore how you can find ways to become a person that people want to do business with.

Two Areas to Improve

1. Enthusiasm
When people make a decision they always find reasons to work with people they like, even if they might seem inferior or less suited for the job.

Extreme energy rubs off!

If you come into a meeting glowing with energy, happiness and enthusiasm, you will notice that before long everyone else at the meeting will be feeling the same thing. By being happy and excited you will induce the same feelings in others.

2. Appearances
Everyone judges others by appearance, even if we don’t like to talk about it. If you don’t look and feel like someone they want to be involved with, they will find ways to avoid it. All the enthusiasm in the world can’t change a really negative first impression.
But if you are proactive, and use the effect of the first appearance to your advantage, you can make sure that the first impression always is a good one.

You are always selling
Even if you do not consider yourself a sales person you are always selling, your ideas and especially yourself.

Become a good sales person so that you can sell yourself as well as possible and get what you deserve in every situation.

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3 Responses to How to Nurture Your Most Important Asset – You

  1. Ashvini says:

    Hey Daniel,
    I think price really loses its sheen if the sales person can show that there is a value in his or her offer. It is very important to then find out areas of engagement where a customer can see a value difference between the competition and your team. Enthusiasm is a must because if you are not enthusiastic about selling your product who would even think of buying it :)

    Great points and thanks for sharing.

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Ashvini,

      It is all about ROI, isn’t it?
      If you see that you make more money from one offer than the other, you take it.
      If the better offer is more expensive, doesn’t really matter, the important thing is that the offer generates a positive ROI it is a good offer.

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