How to Make Your Salary Completely Your Decision

We salesmen have an extraordinary power to control our salary, the harder and smarter we work the more we make.
But knowing exactly how much we are going to make is a different question. The salary of a salesman can fluctuate greatly.

But there are ways to get more control over your salary and more stabilization in your economy.

Every week I read at least 1 book and watch one DVD (either about personal development, sales or business). About two years ago I learned a technique that showed me how I could calculate and control exactly how much I wanted to make.

Warren Greshes – Prospecting Skills That Work
Warren is a very funny little man, he has a tendency to get riled up and really passionate about what he is discussing. It is actually very funny to watch and if you are interested of tips and advice from him, it should be done visually.
Warren Greshes - Prospecting skills that work
What did I learn?
Sadly, even though this DVD was called prospecting I didn’t learn much about it other than that it should be done more.

But he did teach me the interesting tool called the sales grid.
I have written an article about it earlier; How to increase your sales.

It is about how you can calculate how many sales you need to close to earn a certain level of income. It is a tool you can use to decide exactly how much you make.

This tool has become a intricate part of our companies sales training.
Using the sales grid has helped salesmen work on their weakest point, comparing themselves to others and knowing what it is they have to do better.

Watch the DVD yourself
It is fun to watch Warren speak and you get inspired to go out and make a sales.

He discussing in length the value of activity and its importance in sales, which is something I believe in religiously and he shares a lot of interesting tips that you will notice if you listen closely.

Will you benefit from watching this DVD?
First of all you will learn how to use the sales grid to control your income.

Other than that I think this DVD is very well suited for 2 types of people, or should I say for two different stages in your development.

1. It is a great DVD for new salesmen, it teaches the basics and kind of sets the tone for a career in sales.

2. For any salesman who has forgotten the value of activity, who has grown fat and happy or just lost some of their motivation this DVD is really worth a watch. It can help you get back on track and then start increasing your sales exponentially.

If you want to learn how to control your income, increase it and stop trusting in the gods of faith, buy this DVD now.


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