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Welcome to Looking To
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Daniel M. Wood
What is Looking To Business?
Looking To Business is a company that works with personal and professional development all over the world. We help both companies and people to improve and reach their goals and dreams.

Our slogan is “Where Dreams Become Reality” since our goal is to help you take your dream, crystallize it and make it manifest in your life.

How can we help you?
Every week we publish articles about different parts of development, from time management to goal setting and planning to sales technique. We also have a course “Your Path to Your Dreams” where we share even more advice.

By implementing the advice you will be able to work more efficiently than your colleagues giving you a better income, more time off and greater career opportunities.

Who am I?
My name is Daniel M. Wood and I am the founder of Looking To
You can read more about me on my “about page” but suffice to say I have worked with dozens of companies and thousands of individuals in an attempt to help them reach their dreams.

What is our Philosophy?
I believe anyone can accomplish anything; if they believe in it and really want it.
All it takes is a focused effort on a clear goal and a plan on how to get there.
It has been proven time and time again that it isn’t where you come from or where you are today that determines your future, it is the decisions you make today that determine what will happen tomorrow.

Just look at people like Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Henry Ford, Thomas A. Edison, Albert Einstein – none of these had their successes handed to them on a platter, they had to work, learn and persevere to succeed.

Where do you start once you are here?
I suggest you start by joining our e-mail course “Your Path to Your Dreams” since it will help you get from where you are today to where you want to go.

If you rather want to read the blog you can subscribe to it both by RSS or by E-mail.

The path you might take
Before you have crystallized your path and your goal it is hard to start moving towards success.

I suggest you start reading these articles, in this order:
1. Goal Setting
2. Your Master Plan
3. Balance in life
4. The Trick to Time Management

Alternatively you could start with these articles since they are the most popular articles ever posted on our site.

Join “Your Path to Your Dreams” and start moving towards your goals today.

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