50 Motivational Thoughts

Hope you are looking forward to a nice weekend.
Here is our Friday list.

Today we have a lot of different motivational thoughts that have helped me and inspired me when I have needed it.

I hope you will find some that can help inspire you.

1. Every journey starts with one small step.
2. You can become anything you want to; you just need to courage to get started.
3. All business skills are learnable.
4. You have the same 24 hours/day as Einstein did.
5. If you produce better results better opportunities will always follow.
6. People have gone from rags to riches, they aren’t different from the rest of us, they just made a decision.
7. Your happiness is up to you.
8. You are responsible for everything that has happened in your life, it isn’t bad or good luck, it is thanks to you.
9. You can make a bigger difference in the world than you can ever believe.
10. Hard work always pays off.
11. Learning time management can save you over 2000 hours/year.
12. Your potential is limitless.
13. The only thing that can limit you is your own beliefs.
14. Working diligently towards your goals always pays off.
15. Relax and enjoy where you are now and where you will be tomorrow.
16. If things are bad they can only get better.
17. Life is up to you, if you decide to succeed you can.
18. Happiness isn’t something someone else can give or take from you.
19. Live 24 hours/day.
20. If you are happy now that is enough.
21. With our thoughts we create the world.
22. Everything that has happened to you has taken you to where you are, where you go from here is up to you.
23. Everyone wishes they had more, if you can be content with what you have you might be the happiest person in the world.
24. You can do anything!
25. I am my own master.
26. My guide is my heart and the driver my mind.
27. If anyone says I can’t, I just say I can (louder) and the negative goes away.
28. If others in worse situations have done it before me, of course I can.
29. Every day has 24 hours, that is a lot of time.
30. Envision your future as you want it and you will have it.
31. Making friends is easy, if you are ready to take some risk.
32. The worst thing that can happen when asking is that you get a no.
33. When you ask the most successful people around you for help, more often than not they will.
34. Everyone started at the bottom; if you are higher you have a lead!
35. If you can dream it, you can have it.
36. Your beliefs are learned, they can be unlearned.
37. A child is truly free, find you inner child.
38. One day you will have everything you have dreamt about, if you have the courage to let it happen.
39. If you are successful is up to you, whatever you deem success is success.
40. Sometimes a break is a good thing.
41. You have to procrastinate on something, why not do it deliberately?
42. Some people don’t dare to dream big, they usually do not succeed in accomplish big things, some people do dream big, they are usually those who do accomplish big things.
43. Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it is the strength to go on even though you are afraid.
44. Sometimes taking it slow makes it go quicker.
45. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, no failure is a bad thing.
46. Success is always one step behind failure.
47. Finding the simple truth behind the complicated problem can make life really easy.
48. Everything is created twice, first mentally then physically. Imagine away!
49. Life is wonderful, cherish it.
50. Your dreams are yours, don’t let anyone steal them from you.

I hope you enjoyed this list. These thoughts I try to keep with me at all times so that I can call on them when needed. If you have any of your own, please share them in the comment area.

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16 Responses to 50 Motivational Thoughts

  1. Daniel: Great post. What a great way for me to start my Friday… Thanks for passing these great thoughts along. I really enjoyed reading all 50 of them.

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Sibyl.
      Glad I could help.
      These are the kind of posts I will be publishing every Friday.
      I hope they will be a inspiration for you every week.

      Did you have a favorite? :)

  2. Rob says:

    Hey Daniel,
    I love the list. Many good ones and some great ones. I especially like 33. There are many successful folks that would be more than wiling to help. Of course, we must receive what they give. For every one that won’t help, 5 will. It is a way of affirming their success in a tangible way.
    Thanks, and glad I subscribed.
    Live it LOUD!

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Rob,

      It took me a long time to learn to live by 33. Asking for help makes you feel stupid sometimes but as the chinese proverb says:

      “One who asks questions is a fool for 5 minutes, one who does not ask questions remains a fool forever.” – Chinese Proverb

  3. Keith Davis says:

    Those are 50 beauties.
    My favourite…. don’t know, keep changing my mind.

    What’s that “Friday list”?
    I’ll check it out.

    BTW – love the photo.

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Keith,

      The Friday list is from my new posting schedule. Every Friday I will be publishing a list post.
      It is an important list of lessons that have really helped me.

      Let me know what you think of the posting schedule :)

      • Keith Davis says:

        That is some schedule!
        Looks as though you are publishing every day – including the weekend.
        I thought that you had a full time job.

        One thing that I can say… you have come up with some great inovations.
        Great stuff.

        • Daniel M. Wood says:

          Thanks Keith.
          I have a full time job, but as you can see I do cheat a little.
          Mondays I ask my community a question, which is fun.
          Wednesday I write a part of a series which is just fun.
          Fridays is a long list, not much thinking, just adding some interesting insights that I keep looking at anyway and thinking about.
          Saturdays I am hoping for my community to chip in and discuss.
          Sundays though is tough, writing my life story is hard and takes a lot of time and energy if it is to be done write and honest.

  4. Hey Daniel,
    Awesome list and anything with a 5 in it is my favorite number. It looks like you have a few of these concepts here that I’ll have to read. Thanks for sharing … a lot of it comes down to what we take in and take away as in “Don’t listen to a fat doctor tell you how to be skinny” – very inspiring and thank you for sharing.

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Vitaly,

      Great having you here and thanks for commenting.
      I’ll keep the 5 in mind, from now on all lists are 5, 50, 500 ;)

      I think the different phrases mean different things to me than they might mean to others, the important part is how they effect us and that they help us stay motivated and focused.

  5. J.D. Meier says:

    > Your beliefs are learned, they can be unlearned.
    I like that. It reminds me of the Zen story …

    “Like this cup,” Nan-in said, “you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?”

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey J.D.

      That story is a real classic.
      “If you are to teach, you first need to empty their cup so that you can fill it with what should be there” – is the version I have heard (poorly translated from Swedish).

  6. Jk Allen says:

    Now that’s a serious list Daniel. The one that just jumped out of the screen for me was: “You can do anything!”

    I honestly believe that man. I really do!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Jk,

      Thanks for commenting.
      Yeah, that one means a lot to me as well. I have used it as a self-affirmation many times.

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