12 Confidence Boosters

Motivation and confidence go hand in hand. When you increase your motivation and start achieving results your confidence increases.
It is important to know that you are a powerful being and can achieve anything. When you create the motivation to go out and try, when you go out and prove it to yourself your confidence immediately increases.

When you take responsibility for your own life and start working towards your goals and dreams you know that you can achieve anything.

1. Goals
Your motivation stands in direct relation to how clear your goals are, the clearer your goals the more motivated you will be to complete them.

2. Plans
To get true clarity you need to be able to at least see a sketch path to your goals. Just like when taking a trip, even when it is dark and you can only see the next 100 or so feet you will have a sketch plan for the path you are going to take.

3. Self-affirmations
Telling yourself that you are happy and motivated works surprisingly well, you change your inner dialogue into a more positive one which will affect your whole life.

4. Friends
Friends can be a huge source of motivation, talking about your dreams with your friends and getting their support is a true gift.

5. Exercise
The more energy you have the more motivation you will have. Regular exercise gets you into better shape which increases your energy deposits and thereby your motivation.

6. Positive thoughts
Our minds can only hold either a positive or a negative thought at any given time. The more you focus on the positive the less time you will spend on the negative. This will make you happier, more relaxed and more motivated.

7. Changes of venue
Sometimes just getting out, breaking the routine can do wonders for your motivation. When you go out into nature you might feel a sense of calm and possibility, when you drive your car you might get a chance to focus your thoughts, if you change offices at work you get the chance to begin again and create positive habits in the office.

8. Positive results
Positive results is a huge source of motivation. If you have worked on something for a long time and finally get your first break through your motivation increases greatly, you start believing in your goal even more, you see your goals even clearer and your motivation increases.

9. Feedback
Constructive feedback is always a good thing, when you see how you can improve and get better you start seeing the possibilities. If you were having average results before and get feedback showing you how you can do better, that means that your new results will be above average.

10. Relaxation – in the right amount
Sometimes we need a break, working constantly breaks us down and tires us out. Taking the occasional break and relaxing gives us the chance to recharge our batteries and get back to work.

Too much relaxation though puts us in a state of apathy which ruins motivation.

11. Doing something out of the ordinary
Just like changing venues can increase your motivation so can changing the daily routine, by doing something new, something different, you break your thought patterns which can give you new breakthrough ideas and open up new possibilities.

12. Visualization
Since motivation stands in direct relation to the clarity of your goals visualization is a powerful tool. When you visualize your goals you in fact show yourself how your life will be when you have accomplished your goals, you fast forward your life to a place where you have the things you want, you make it real.

When you do your motivation increases substantially.

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  2. Doktu says:

    You have just increased my level of motivation and confidence. Great article, you are so inspirational.

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