My Life Story (Part 9) – 7th grade – A New Class

In the last edition of my life story I shared about how hard sixth grade was for me and how I changed class to join my friend Mikael’s class.

We had a lot of fun, we became a group of 4, me, Michael, Johannes and Pola.
Almost all day we laughed and had fun.

We were all very active in sports so we took any chance we could to play soccer, floor ball or baseball.
The rest of the time we spent laughing and having fun.

We were kind of outsiders in school and in class but it didn’t really matter, we had fun.
This is when I realized that the most important thing is to find pleasure in life and just be happy.

It was in 7th grade that I got my first crush.
There was a girl in the class who I found very interesting, sadly I was very shy so I hardly spoke to her and was never even close to asking her out.

It got better as time went by though and by the end of seventh grade I could at least hold a conversation with her from time to time (not much to be happy about but it is something).

By the end of seventh grade I had found my place in class and felt as though I could relax. My grades went up and I started spending more time with others in school.

I never joined the “in” crowd but I didn’t really need to.

Not much really happened during this time expect that I became happy again and my confidence started rising again which was an incredible feeling.

Next week I will share how I met the woman who became my wife.


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