My Life Story (Part 8) – 6th grade

In sixth grade our school was merged with another school. So from sixth to ninth grade we would have new classes.

Many of my friends new people in the other schools while I knew very few, I was kind of nervous when it came to getting to know people and didn’t really find my place in my new class. A lot of the new guys took a lot of room and were kind of bullies; since I didn’t fit for room I quickly got picked on and became an easy target.

I started skipping school a lot and tried to just keep my head down.

After a while two kids started bullying me bad, they would chase me and push me around.
One day I fell, hurt myself and started crying, that was when they decided to stop bullying me and we actually became friends for a while.

I was glad to have found a group of guys to spend time with but still there was teasing and bullying and finally I grew tired of it and I got into a fight with one of the guys.

After that I was alone again.

Luck shown on me though and I remembered that my old best friend Mike went in another class so I started spending time with him every break I had. He had made friends with a guy called Johannes and we started spending time together.

At the end of sixth grade I decided to change classes and start in Mike’s class. It was the best decision I made throughout school.

We had so much fun, we would laugh constantly, I think we laughed probably 4 hours/day. We joked, teased each other and made good fun.


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