My Life Story (Part 6) – Baseball

Today I want to share with you the start of my baseball career. Baseball has meant a lot to me in my life, I have grown, got to know knew people, met my wife, it has kept me in shape, become tougher and learned about what it takes to succeed.

The first word I ever spoke actually “ball”.
I don’t know what conclusion to draw from it, but sports have always been important to me.

Me and my dad started playing baseball together when I was 2-3 years old.

When I was old enough I begged him to find me a baseball team to play for in Sweden.
The problem was that they were hard to find, he contacted some clubs learning that they had just closed down but finally when I was 11 years old he found Stockholm Baseball.

I started to play for them when I was 11, I joined at the end of the season but I got to play 4-5 games before the season was over.

From what I am told and I remember it went pretty well, I played mostly second base.
I still remember diving after a ground ball between me and the first baseman, catching it, looking back and seeing our incredible shortstop actually covering up behind me (if you know the positions in baseball you will understand why that was so incredible!).

My second year I was recruited to the 13-15 year olds. It was a lot more fun but a lot harder. It took a year to get used to it and to make friends on the team but by the time I was 13 I was a starter and a central part of the club.

I played both as a shortstop and second baseman switching with my friend Ricardo.

As a 13 year old I realized that pitching was fun, I started asking my coach to let me pitch, as did my father.
In a blowout game he let me throw my first innings, it went surprisingly well.
I didn’t have much of an arm but I had a very large and lazy curve ball.

My second start was extremely amusing.
We were playing the best team in Sweden, in our age group at the time, Leksand. We had started the game pitching one of our large 15 year olds who threw extremely hard, they crushed him. We had to switch and put in a hard throwing lefty, they hit him even harder.

We were down by 11-0 in the second inning.
My coach probably saw the game as over so he handed me the ball and put me on the mound.
I threw probably 30 miles per hour slower than the previous two which caught the Leksand players completely off balance.
During the next 5 innings they scored only 1 run and we scored 13 to win the game.

That start almost got me into the Swedish Cadet National Team.
I was still very young and not physically strong enough to make the cut.

Next week we will continue with my grandfather’s death and how it has affected me.
Thank you for reading and hope you have a nice Sunday.


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