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There are some regular pitfalls that usually cut good salesmen short of making the income they potentially could. By stepping back and taking an objective view of yourself, you can spot what you are doing wrong. The most common mistakes are often fatal to your sales but are hard to spot if not pointed out.

I am Sorry For My Absence

Hi, you seem to be new here, I suggest by checking our guide to new readers New to Looking to Business or Join Our Free Email Course. Thanks for visiting! Hello Everyone. I apologize for my absence in August. Luckily … Continue reading

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How to Be Successful at a Job Interview

The last few weeks I have been on a lot of job interviews (I am changing jobs) and I have realized that there are some things I would like to share that you can think about. I have worked as … Continue reading

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Does an Abundance Mentality Work?

Many of us who work with personal development talk about the importance of an abundance mentality. That there isn’t a limit to the possibilities and that you should help, praise and be happy for everyones successes. You should work together … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Build Self Confidence and Turn a Bad Day Around

Some days can get really heavy, really long and tiresome. Other days are easy, you are happy. Why is there a difference? How I turned around a bad month I was in bad financial shape coming into the month. During … Continue reading

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How to Increase Your Circle of Influence

Feeling in control of your life releases a lot of stress. Knowing it is you that calls the shots in your own life is awfully important if you are to feel motivated and happy, because if you aren’t calling the … Continue reading

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Guest Post at Mega Biz Flakes

Hey Guys, I just wanted to let you know about the post my friend Samuel was nice enough to let me publish on his blog It is called The Biggest Mistake Online Marketers Do. Please check it out.

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Guest Post on

I am honored to say that Erin Falconer at has published a guest post of mine about finding balance in life. Please Check it out!

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How to go From Good to Great

Becoming the best you possibly can be is a goal you should have for yourself. Most people settle for good. They learn their jobs well enough, so they stop improving. I made that very mistake in my first job I … Continue reading

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How Doing Everything Yourself is going to Get Nothing Done

What causes most businesses to fail is a leader who cannot let go; who cannot delegate and doesn’t trust others. The same goes for people, most people fail because they don’t ask for help. They try to learn everything themselves … Continue reading

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3 Reasons You Need to Infuse Every Thought with Feeling

If you work with goal setting, planning and self-affirmations you will probably have noticed their power; You get better focus, start to see new opportunities and you start moving faster towards your goals. For many though, reading their goals or … Continue reading

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