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How to keep the motivation high through the whole day.

12 Confidence Boosters

Motivation and confidence go hand in hand. When you increase your motivation and start achieving results your confidence increases. It is important to know that you are a powerful being and can achieve anything. When you create the motivation to … Continue reading

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10 Must Read Books on Personal Development

As we discussed Wednesday in our Time Management Series I have really turned my life around thanks to personal development. I have gone from overworked, stressed, annoyed, and irritable to positive and relaxed. Since learning time management techniques, mindsets and … Continue reading

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How do You Set Goals If You Don’t Know What You Want?

I often get emails or comments from people asking me different questions about personal development. Since I speak a lot about goal setting it is common that the questions are related to that subject. One of the most common questions … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Build Self Confidence and Turn a Bad Day Around

Some days can get really heavy, really long and tiresome. Other days are easy, you are happy. Why is there a difference? How I turned around a bad month I was in bad financial shape coming into the month. During … Continue reading

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Book Review: Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

This was the 6th book I have read from Brian Tracy. He is one of my favorite authors and never disappoints. He has a very easy lens which he sees the world through; Set goals, make plans and work hard, … Continue reading

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How to be More Confident

I recently read an article by Seth Godin called: Turning the habit of self-criticism upside down It was a very interesting article when he shared his thoughts on dealing with setbacks: “When it’s time to write a resume or talk … Continue reading

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80 Success Quotes that Will Bring You Motivation

Since today is Friday I want to share some of the most brilliant quotes on success I have ever read. Each one holds a valuable lesson and can be pondered for hours. Let this list wash over you, soak in … Continue reading

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50 Motivational Thoughts

Hope you are looking forward to a nice weekend. Here is our Friday list. Today we have a lot of different motivational thoughts that have helped me and inspired me when I have needed it. I hope you will find … Continue reading

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Motivational Tip #10 – Reward Yourself for all Results (Program Yourself for Success)

This is the last part of our motivational series. This tip is probably my favorite; it has helped me keep my motivation high. In many ways people (e.g. me) are like dogs, when you tell your dog to sit and … Continue reading

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Motivational Tip #9 – Find Someone to Talk to and Trust Who Believes in You

This is an extension of the 7th tip about letting everything out. You cannot do it all alone Life is difficult, however hard you work you will encounter problems, even the best made plans will not be able to meet … Continue reading

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