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12 Confidence Boosters

Motivation and confidence go hand in hand. When you increase your motivation and start achieving results your confidence increases. It is important to know that you are a powerful being and can achieve anything. When you create the motivation to … Continue reading

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50 Personal Growth Quotes

Improving is interesting and fun. Quotes are like poems, they mean so much more than what you see at first. These 50 quotes are some of my favorite and always get me thinking. 1. “Our greatest glory is not failing, … Continue reading

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8 Stress and Anger Management Techniques

Anger and stress can kill relationships, destroy creativity and lower the quality of our lives. These 8 techniques are some I always try to remember when I start getting worked up. They help and let you take control; they help … Continue reading

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Last Months Top 10 Posts

In case you have missed some posts during the last couple weeks I thought I would give you a little readers digest. Here is a list of the most popular posts from the last month. Enjoy! 1. 50 Motivational Quotes … Continue reading

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10 Must Read Books on Personal Development

As we discussed Wednesday in our Time Management Series I have really turned my life around thanks to personal development. I have gone from overworked, stressed, annoyed, and irritable to positive and relaxed. Since learning time management techniques, mindsets and … Continue reading

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13 Powerful Quotes About Success

Today I want to share with you 15 quotes and what they mean to me. 1. “One who asks questions is a fool for 5 minutes, one who does not ask questions remains a fool forever.” – Chinese Proverb You … Continue reading

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80 Success Quotes that Will Bring You Motivation

Since today is Friday I want to share some of the most brilliant quotes on success I have ever read. Each one holds a valuable lesson and can be pondered for hours. Let this list wash over you, soak in … Continue reading

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50 Motivational Thoughts

Hope you are looking forward to a nice weekend. Here is our Friday list. Today we have a lot of different motivational thoughts that have helped me and inspired me when I have needed it. I hope you will find … Continue reading

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