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The 8 Steps of Goal Setting at Pick The Brain

A great deal of research has been done on what differs the hugely successful with the rest. Many have tried to prove that it has to do with your inate skills or smarts. A common denominator that has been proven … Continue reading

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How to Experience Life at Pick The

I live a lot in the future, as you know I focus a lot on goal setting. Although this is often a good thing and it has made me very good at making sacrifices today for the good of tomorrow, … Continue reading

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How to Double Your Productivity at BigFishTopDogs

Time management is one of my favorite subjects. If you can become more efficient and get more done during the day you are guaranteed opportunities. I have worked a lot on my own time management skills, using lists, a calendar, … Continue reading

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How to Make a Difference on

One of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself and others is changing someones life for the better. Making a positive difference for someone else gives you such a sense of fulfillment that in pure egoistic terms should be … Continue reading

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Guest Post: How to Focus on Your Goals at

Goal setting is something I discuss often here at Looking To Business, I think it is the most important part of success, I have written about it here and here and discussed it on this podcast. When Lori asked me … Continue reading

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Guest Post: How to be Happy at Elevation Life

Happiness is a choice and it is probably the most important choice you can make. Many people go their whole lives without experiencing true happiness, without being thankfull for what they have. I hope you haven’t let this be you. … Continue reading

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